Case Studies

Case Studies

In this case study, we look at how we used 21st century technologies to help Lynden, Inc. increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts by reducing its out-dated inventory and specifically targeting their clients and prospects with personalized collateral.  

The Existing Scene:  

Lynden Inc. is an international provider of shipping services by land, sea or air, has eight separate divisions, each division having its own branded marketing literature, and a nationwide sales team that sells for all divisions.  Each division has flyers, 4-page brochures and postcards that describe their services.  Each follows a similar format, maintaining a common branding between all divisions, and each has photos representing that particular division’s service. 

The Challenge:  

It was not practical for each salesperson to maintain an updated inventory of all the marketing literature.  Either outdated literature was being given to a prospect, or upon the salesperson’s receipt of updated literature, the entire inventory of outdated material was being tossed.  Many of the photos used on existing literature were not relevant to the recipient (the photo of a tugboat pulling a barge loaded with containers was inappropriate for a client based in Kansas). 

The Marketing Solution:

On-Demand, W2P, VDP!  Our team provided a branded website for Lynden, allowing Lynden’s designated users to access the site, select one of the forty marketing pieces, customize it online in many separate areas based on a group of pre-determined templates, select the quantity of brochures desired, and submit the order. The order is completed and shipped the same day.

The Results:

Brand integrity is maintained at the enterprise level.  Personalized literature is relevant for each prospect.  Elimination of inventory and waste of printed literature.  Literature is always kept current through updating the master templates.  Response and sales are the benefit!  



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